Circular Saw with Popular Choices in the West and the Midwest

Circular Saw with Popular Choices in the West and the Midwest

One of the major things that determine the choice of a circular saw most carpenters choose is the location. For example, in the Midwest and west, worm drive saws are very common. However, in the East sidewinders are the most preferred. What you need to note is that these saws are very different which means that each of them is suitable for specific tasks.

If you are searching for a circular saw, you may find it hard to differentiate between a regular version, a sidewinder and a worm drive model. In this article, we shall explain their differences to make your work easier when determining the best.

Difference between a sidewinder and a worm drive

The major difference between these two is how the motor aligns with the blade and also the ability of the motor to spin the blade. Worm drives are the older version of saws. However, they use a “worm drive” to rotate the blade that is why they are known as worm drives The motor is usually placed at the back and the blade is positioned in front. The motor provides power to the blade through a threaded worm drive. This makes the gears to be at 90 degrees to each other which allows the blades to spin.

On the other hand, a sidewinder is a bit different because the motor is located near the blade or on the side. This means that the motor turns the blade without use of gears. Another difference is that most of the sidewinders feature a circular saw on their right side while worm drives have a blade on the left side. In terms of weight, worm drives are a bit heavier as compared to sidewinders.

Why should you use a worm drive saws?

One of the major benefits of using a worm drive is that it provides more torque. If you have tough cutting jobs like when you are cutting knotty wood, a worm drive will be the most suitable tool. Worm drives usually provide a range of 4,500 RPM. For right-handed people, they are very easy to use since the blade is located on the left side. This means that you will have a clear view when cutting. 

If you are an expert, you can even use them with just one hand. They are also the best when you want to create plunge cuts.

For those who are in need of the best worm drive saw Bosch CSW41 will be an ideal choice. The good thing about it is that it is lightweight since it weighs 13.2 pounds. Apart from that, it has a magnesium construction to enhance durability. The magnesium material also helps in equal heat distribution which enables it to last longer.

Drawbacks of using a worm drive saw

The only disadvantage of these types of circular saws is their weight. They are a bit heavy which makes them hard to use. You also need to lubricate them frequently for them to provide the required performance.

Why should you use a sidewinder?

Sidewinders normally use gears to rotate the blade. This means that they are more effective since their blades rotate faster. Their blades can reach up to 6,000 RPM.

Another thing is that they are lightweight and more compact as compared to the worm drive circular saws. If you have some projects that you need overhead instead of working on a table, sidewinders will be the best due to their lightweight design. They are the most affordable type of circular saws.

In terms of safety, they are very safe because you do not need to cross your hands over the blade when cutting.

The Bosch CS5 will be a suitable choice for anyone in need of the best sidewinder. This tool features anti-snag lower guard which enhances its performance. In addition, it uses a 15-amp motor.

Disadvantages of sidewinders

As compared to worm drives, sidewinders are less powerful which means that they are only suitable for light tasks. Since the blade is located on the right, right-handed people may find them difficult to use.

Final Verdict – Which one is better?

It is not easy to determine the best because both of them are very useful. Whether you want to cut metal or wood, both sidewinders and worm drives will allow you to cut easily and they also provide more precision as compared to other type of saws.

 What we can simply say is that if you are searching for a tool you can use for heavy-duty tasks then a worm drive circular saw will be the most suitable. However, if you need a lightweight circular saw you can use for simple tasks, a sidewinder will be the best.

In the west and Midwest, worm drives are the most common but in the East, most woodworkers prefer to use sidewinders.


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